Be a part of something greater than you as a founding staff member on our team.

If you are up for a challenge and one of the most rewarding jobs in education, New Dawn Charter High School II may be the place for you. As a transfer school, we serve some of the most at-risk students in NYC those who are over-aged and under-credited. We invite people to apply who are motivated by a challenge and are capable of navigating some of the most challenging learning and instructional issues in the City. If you believe that an equitable education is a human rights issue and that all students deserve a high-quality education, regardless of their learning or social/emotional issues, then this may be the place for you.

Ways in which we are different from traditional schools and benefits:

  • You will work with some of the most interesting and deserving students in NYC—those who have been left behind, for a variety of reasons, by more traditional organizations;
  • Every day will provide not only challenges but opportunities to reach students and leave you with the knowledge that you have in fact made a difference in someone's life;
  • Ongoing daily support for you and unlimited opportunities for professional development;
  • A principal who not only teaches a class and allows all teachers to observe while she models behaviors but will come to your class and support you in achieving your individual goals for personal growth;
  • Peer Committees made up of teachers who visit each other's classrooms and make suggestions to each other with no administrative input;
  • Professional Learning Communities who address school-wide issues;
  • A very strong support staff who understand that the point of the school is to provide opportunities to students and that their job is to support this goal;
  • A supportive Board of Trustees who understand the challenges of working in a transfer school; and
  • Teachers serve on every committee in the school as they are developed;
  • We are a full year school running on from September through June and then July through mid-August;
  • Summer session is only a half day but is necessary for our students to graduate;
  • We work from 9 to 5 September through June with an hour at the end of the day for professional development and addressing school-wide issues;
  • Instruction is informed by actual data collected by teachers in the classroom and analyzed through the PerfPlus Programs;
  • Teachers and staff participate in Instructional Rounds with other schools, this is done by visiting schools, conducting classroom observations and developing problems of practice that impact us all;
  • Opportunities to become trained and certified in the Danielson Classroom Observation Rubric; and
  • Access to professional developers from TERC Using Data, Danielson, NTN, PCGUS., among others.​

Benefits we offer to all staff:

  • Competitive salaries;
  • A 403B plan for retirement;
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance;
  • We support staff who wish to learn and develop their own charter applications;
  • Opportunities for developing leadership within the school;
  • Connecting staff to outside consultants who may be able to help you move your career in the direction you have chosen; and
  • A community where you will be heard.

Just like our students, we welcome teachers who do not necessarily fit into a traditional model, are beginning their careers, or who have retired--as long as they are willing to work as a team for the betterment of the students.

We are always looking for new talent. Please send cover letters and resumes to, and we will contact candidates who meet eligibility critera.

Certified Teaching Positions Available for 2020-2021:

​High School Special Education - All Content Areas
High School Social Studies Teacher- US History

​Please send cover letters and resumes to or use the form below to apply: