Staff Directory

At New Dawn Charter Schools we value, above all, our relationships with students, parents, and guardians. In addition to our core academic, internship, and college programs, we are proud to focus on our students social and emotional needs by providing every one with a Mentor in the building. Each of our faculty and staff members are mentors to our students. If you are looking to reach a teacher, administrator, or mentor, please feel free to contact them from this list or through our learning management system Jupiter Ed

New Dawn Charter High School II Administration and Teachers

New Dawn Charter Schools Leadership Team

Dr. Sara Asmussen, Executive Director:

Mr. Steve Ramkissoon, Director of Finance and Human Resources:

Mr. Jose Obregon, Director of Operations and Student Support Services:

Dr. Lisa DiGaudio, Director of Curriculum and Instruction:

Ms. Nazli Askin, Data Specialist:

Ms. Emily Predmore, Remote Learning and Technology Specialist:

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Mr. Zachary Flory, Principal

Mr. Philip Pressoir, Dean of School, DASA Coordinator

Mr. Sanman Thapa, Lead School Counselor, McKinney-Vento Liaison

Mrs. Erica Fabiano, Special Education Coordinator