• COVID Safety Policy Reminder

    Dear New Dawn Community Members,

    This is a reminder of the policies regarding COVID safety at NDCHS II. Our first and best defense at the school is our temperature checks, health screening, and mask requirements to enter the building. Student must be wearing a mask to enter, must submit to a temperature check, and complete a daily survey regarding their exposure to COVID / if they are symptomatic themselves.

    In the event that you or your student has been exposed to COVID outside of school or is exhibiting symptoms of COVID - they should not be sent to school. Please notify your / your student's mentor or any other New Dawn staff and proceed to schedule a PCR COVID test. Students who have been symptomatic must quarantine and return with a negative PCR test to enter the school again.

    Information regarding COVID and COVID testing as well as consultations and testing appointments can be found at: www.nychealthandhospitals.org/

    For the 2021-22 school year there is no remote learning option available. As such your student should contact their teachers via Jupiter in order to request make-up work during their absence from school or complete it upon their return as with any other absence.


    Mr. Zach Flory, Principal

    New Dawn Charter High School II
  • Week of 9/20/2021: B/C Week Academic Classes, A Week Internship

    Good Morning New Dawn,

    I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Just a reminder as we begin the second week of classes, it is a B-week which means B-week students will be attending their academic classes from 9am-4pm each day this week while A-week students will be in Internship training from 9am-12:30pm daily. All C-week students will continue 9am-4pm for classes.

    If you have not already reported to school for testing and scheduling for Fall 2021, please do so as soon as possible - each day you miss is another day you are falling behind!

    Hope to see you all this week!

    -Mr. Flory

    New Dawn Charter High School II
  • Welcome Back Message from Mr. Flory

    Good Morning All New Dawn Students and Families-

    I would like to say that New Dawn Queens is very excited to welcome you all back for the Fall 2021 semester! We will be returning to in-person instruction for Fall with no remote option available. In order to do this we will be following mask and distancing protocols as well as conducting regular student COVID testing in order to ensure everyone stays safe. Every person in the building must wear a mask at all times while in the building regardless of vaccination status so please ensure that you arrive to school with a mask.

    We will be using our A/B week model and a two lunch period schedule to ensure that everyone is able to stay distanced while in the building. On a A/B week students academic week they will be in academic classes from 9am-4pm each day and on their internship week they will attend internship training at the building from 9am-12:30pm daily. Our C-week students will attend each week from 9am-4pm with no internship week. Classes will begin in-person on Wednesday September 15th with A/C students on academics and B students on internship.

    In order to schedule and enroll for the Fall semester students will need to report to school over the following 3 days in order to complete yearly testing and counseling surveys after which they will meet personally with a Scheduler to review their transcripts and plan their schedule. This is very important as it will allow you to have a say in your schedule and plan your best route to graduation!

    In order to keep an orderly process for this and keep wait times down, we will be using a staggered approach for scheduling over the next 3 days. Please see below for the time that you should report to school to begin the Fall semester enrollment process. Students should arrive as close to their scheduled time as possible as students who will be given priority based on arrival time and attending their assigned appointment period. If you have borrowed a chromebook from New Dawn for remote learning, please bring it along with the charger to complete your testing.

    If your last name begins with:
    1. A-D - please report to school Wednesday 9/8 at 10:00am
    2. E-H - please report to school Wednesday 9/8 at 12:00pm
    3. I-O - please report to school Thursday 9/9 at 10:00am
    4. P-S - please report to school Thursday 9/9 at 12:00pm
    5. T-Z - please report to school Friday 9/10 at 10:00am
    6. If you missed your time on a previous day, please report to school Friday 9/10 at 12:00pm

    I hope that everyone has a great day and we will see you all this week! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,
    Mr. Flory

    New Dawn Charter High School II
  • Week 1 of Classes: A/C week Academics, B week internship

    Good Morning New Dawn Students and Families-

    We were so happy to see all of you who came in for scheduling last week! If you still haven't been scheduled, the next day that you can come in for scheduling and testing is Wednesday September 15th. New Dawn Queens is closed on Monday (9/13) and Tuesday (9/14) for in-person students to facilitate Staff Training.

    Wednesday (9/15) is also the first day of classes for all scheduled students. On Thursday (9/16) we will be closed for the Yom Kippur Holiday and we will resume classes Friday (9/17). This week will be A-week and that means it's an Academic week for A-week students and an Internship week for B-week students. C-week students will have academic classes each week regardless of the week. All students should report for 9:00am starts whether they are on Academic or Internship. Academic classes go from 9:00am-3:58pm daily and students who are on internship will be in the building from 9:00am-12:29pm daily. In order to see if you / your student is an A-week or B-week student, please click on the "Internship Class" on Jupiter. If the period scheduled for internship says A10, students will be on internship during A-weeks including this week. If it says B10, students will be on internship during B-weeks.

    We look forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!

    Mr Flory

    New Dawn Charter High School II
  • Returning to School 2020

    Please visit our 2020 Reopening Plan to find all the critical information about how New Dawn Charter High School II is changing the way we operate to reduce the risk of COVID infection. We are doing everything we can to make sure staff, students, and families are safe.

    New Dawn Charter High School II
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Mission Statement

New Dawn Charter Schools will provide over-aged and under-credited students 16 - 21 years of age, including those who are English Language Learners and those with special needs, the opportunity to return to school and obtain a high school diploma through a rigorous NYSED standards-based education program. 

Within the framework of the education program, three programs will be offered: 

1) Interventions for those with fewer than 11 credits, and for those with 11 or more credits

2) Internships in the community

3) College enrollment