Student Support Services and How They Empower Success

Student Support Services and How They Empower Success

Do you want to see your students achieve academic success and personal growth? Do you want to see them thrive in their studies and develop essential life skills? To reach those goals, they may find that support services from their schools can make all the difference. In this article, we'll explore the spectrum of student needs and how comprehensive support services can empower their success at NDCHS.

Understanding the Spectrum of Student Needs

Every student has unique pressures and needs. They need academic support and help with things like personal development and wellness. By recognizing and addressing these needs, New Dawn Charter High School creates an environment that fosters student growth and achievement. Let's take a closer look at some specific ways our focus on support empowers our students to be the best versions of themselves through graduation and beyond.

Student Support through Academic and Personal Development

New Dawn works hard to provide support and help our students achieve their goals. Academically, support can involve:

  • Tailored instruction to address individual learning needs
  • Student access to resources such as tutoring or study groups
  • Regular feedback to track progress and encourage growth

NDCH is also committed to fostering a supportive environment for personal development. This can include counseling services for emotional well-being and guidance through challenges. This helps promote a culture of inclusivity and empathy to create a sense of belonging.

Our Mentorship Program involves every staff person at New Dawn (including our Executive Director), giving each one a small case-load of students to mentor through their time here. Mentors are prepared to help with any issues students may have.

School attendance is also a critical part of the picture. Our outreach team provides home visits to students who may require extra support to return to their education. The team provides links to community services and supports students with chronic absenteeism.

Active Learning

What is active learning? This is a teaching and learning approach where students are actively engaged in the learning process, rather than simply receiving information passively. In active learning, students participate in activities that require them to think, discuss, problem-solve, and apply what they've learned. This can involve group discussions, hands-on experiments, projects, debates, and interactive exercises.

One of the largest studies comparing active learner-centered classes and traditional classes at educational institutions found that students who engaged with active learning had more than double the academic gains of those who didn't.

The goal is to encourage a student to actively think, analyze, and engage with the material by appealing to the student's intrinsic motivation. This can lead to deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. Additionally, active learning promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for success, not only in student performance but also in higher education and future careers. At New Dawn, we do everything we can to make sure students are active participants in their learning so they can experience the best possible outcomes.

Encouraging Student Engagement in School Community

Student body involvement is crucial for creating a supportive and inclusive environment. That's why we worked closely with our older students to develop the Bridges Program. This includes one-on-one sessions with a guidance counselor for students to develop a plan for college or career readiness. Guidance counselors encourage student participation and collaboration to create a personalized success plan.

For those interested in college, counselors help with every step of the application process, including FAFSA completion, college visits, and letters of recommendation. Counselors also work with parents, as the college application process can be difficult and confusing for students and parents alike. 

Any experiences that keep students positively engaged in their school not only foster personal growth, but also promote teamwork, leadership, and empathy. By actively involving students in the school community, we can help them develop a sense of belonging and pride.

Accessibility for Individual Students

Improving accessibility for individual students is vital for making sure they succeed. Schools should strive to accommodate students with diverse needs, including those with disabilities or learning differences. This includes providing assistive technologies, accessible facilities, and support services tailored to individual requirements. IEPs and 504s are both personalized learning accommodations, and our charter schools are committed to ensuring curriculum and academic practices provide students with all the resources they need in those areas. By creating an inclusive learning environment, we can empower all students to reach their full potential.

Language barriers can be another hurdle for the student experience, and New Dawn works hard to mitigate those setbacks. Student assistance related to English language services is integrated into the general education program under an immersion model. The school will directly provide support services, or make referrals to them, to help English Language Learner students achieve and maintain a satisfactory level of academic performance. These services may include individual counseling, group counseling, home visits, and parental counseling.

Collaboration Between Educators

A supportive school community is crucial for student success. At New Dawn, we work to foster a sense of community by promoting collaboration and inclusivity among students, teachers, school administrators, and school board members. By sharing expertise, resources, and insights, we work to develop strategies and school policies that promote student development and success. We're all in this together.

Experience Unparalleled Student Support at New Dawn Charter High School

Student wellness goes hand in hand with academic success and achievement. At New Dawn, our goal starts with improving student attendance. It ends with fostering the best possible academic, social, emotional, and vocational outcomes for over-aged and under-credited students who have yet to graduate. If you think your student could benefit from the student services and tailored support at New Dawn, find out here whether they meet eligibility requirements. Get started today!